Build Your Own Retractable Patio Shade

Now is the time to spend some time outdoors in the fresh air. I understand that there is a heat wave hitting the nation and this makes it hard to actually enjoy yourself when you are in the great outdoors. However, with a little bit of shade it will cool things down for you and you can enjoy reading a book, talking with friends, and eating a delicious meal something to do every night.

There are two ways that you will be able to do this. The first is to buy something from a furniture store. This is a good option – but what if you could actually have something that you truly love without having to spend a fortune? Would you want to do it?

Of course you would and all it is going to take from you is a little bit of imagination and the right supplies. First off, you need to decide on what type of shade you would like to have, how far it should extend, and how much you are going to want to spend for it all.

Make A Plan

When you are living in the south it is going to be helpful for you to build a retractable patio shade. That way when it rains, snows, or the wind is too heavy you will be able to retract it back against the home so that it does not become ruined. Try to come up with a plan that will allow the shade to curve.

You should be able to find all the best supplies at your local patio shade making store. A lot of people will use the bamboo shades because of how tough they all are. Work with someone that will help you to piece it all together and to draw the right plan for it all. Make sure the measurements are accurate and that it will make sense.

Put It Together

Piece together the frame for the shade on the ground using the PVC pipes or lumber that you are going to use. By doing it on the ground (using your measurements) you will have a better idea of how it should be pieced together against the side of the home.

When putting the PVC pipe together you need to use a solvent adhesive to create the joints. Also use rust resistant galvanized hardware for the permanent frames. Now dry fit the pipes and wood joints before you put on the final touches of glue or joints.

Make sure that you are going to use any hardware that is heavy and durable enough to hold the weight of the patio shade and the fabric canvas. Anchor awning hardware will be used to support the weight of the canvas when it is rolled up or out. There are going to be instructions that you can get from your local hardware store or even online. Make sure to follow them carefully so it never falls a part.