Coolaroo Patio Shades

Patio shades made by Coolaroo are perfect when you need to install something to keep you cool during those hot summer months. They make shades that will work with porches, gazebos, dog kennels, pergolas, and any area that you might want to use it at. These are going to be the perfect thing to use during the heat wave spreading across the country!

Each product that they offer is made with polyethylene weave. This is a knitted fabric that is designed to block up to 90% of theUV rays of the sun. At the same time that it blocks the sun it is also able to help circulate any air to keep the space beneath comfortable and cool for you and your family.

Their famous ‘Shade Cloth’ will not mildew, rot, or mold thanks to the high fabric fiber that is used to make it. This also means that it is going to be flexible and some of the strongest shades that you will ever use around your home or business. The lock stitch helps to prevent any tearing and fraying if you ever have to cut a portion of it.

When using this you do not constantly have to worry about taking it down when a storm passes through. This is durable and will stand up against normal rain and wind. Of course if you think a hurricane is passing through than you should prepare for the worst and store it away. However, this is not a difficult process. Look below for the more popular color options you have to choose from.


  • Black
  • Sandstone
  • Forest Green
  • Heritage Green
  • Grey
  • Wheat