Dayva Eclipse Patio Shade

There are several different types of patio shades that you will be able to invest in. It is always important to have something that is going to provide you with ample shading from the heat of the sun and the wind during the winter months. If you have a small porch due to living in an apartment or smaller home than it is time to think out of the box.

When you are living in an apartment you cannot invest in the shades that extend out from the roof. Obviously this is something that is not possible to install and it is not going to work well. That is why you should look into getting the Dayva Eclipse patio shade.

The Eclipse patio shade from Dayva is actually much smaller than the average shade that you would be using. Rather than securing onto the roof it will secure onto the railing of your porch. It will cover and shield you from the heat of the sun that is coming in from your side rather than above you.

The great thing about this is that it will help to keep you cool and provide you with some much needed privacy. Something that people lack when they live in an apartment. These come in a variety of colors for you to choose from and they can easily fold up and stored away when you are not using them. They cost around $75 and come in two sizes, 6ft. And 8ft.