Retractable Solar Patio Shades

It is important that we find a way to protect our patio during the rain, sun, and snow. In the summer it is important to find a patio shade that is going to keep the porch cooled off and is going to provide us a way in which we will be able to enjoy family dinners without sweating to death. However, it is also important to be environmentally friendly. What better way to do this then to find the retractable solar patio shades.

These are special types of solar screens that will attach to the top of the roof and will retract against the roof when you are not using it or if there is a particularly horrible storm outside. These are made to cover the window opening and will almost disappear so that they do not stick out and look awkward. This is the worst possible thing to have to worry about.

These are made with Phifer Suntex material, gaged aluminum side rails, bottom hembar, and a head cover box that is nicely decorated. It will operate electronically using a remote control so that you will be able to lower it during a storm without actually having to get into the storm. This is a rare thing to find on any other patio shades that are retractable.

If you want to pay a little bit extra then you can also get the models that come with an automatic timer and wind sensor switch. This will allow it to come up when the sun does and go down when the sun does. That way your home is always comfortably cool, even when you are not in the house.