Sunsetter Motorized Patio Shades

If you are looking for top of the line patio shades than look no farther than Sunsetter. You have probably seen their commercials on television and noticed what they have to offer. They offer some of the most brilliant models that you will want to use including their more popular motorized patio shades.

What is so great about these particular types of shades? They are convenient. It is great to be able to have something that willshade you from the burning hot sun or the rain so that you will be able to read a book or have dinner on the patio. However, what about the days when it is nice and cool and you want to feel the sun on your face? These help to make this easier than ever before.

With the simply click of a button the shade will roll back against the side of the home in a matter of seconds. They come in various sizes including extra large so that they will be able to fit any home or business patios, gazebos, and other areas. They are often wide and long enough to fit it all.

Each one of these are considered a type of ‘lateral arm’ style. This uses a motor that helps to provide the strongest support that will open and close the canopy without the need of vertical supports. However, the way in which they work is not the only thing that makes these unique. They are also offered in a variety of designs at an affordable price.


  • Motor is hidden so it will not take away from the design of the patio shade
  • Comes with a remote control that can be used inside and outside of the home
  • Made with laminated fabric that is available in 12 different colors
  • Owner can install the shade on their own
  • Shade can be installed against brick, wood, vinyl, aluminum, and stucco siding
  • Comes with cleaning kit so that it stays well maintained