Transparent Patio Shades

If you want a shade to use around your patio and porch so that you are cooled off and kept dry during the summer and fall than you should use the transparent patio shades. These are the best thing that you will be able to use when you have an enclosed porch – but still have the hassle of dealing with the heat that works its way through the screen.

This particular shade is designed to shade the patios, decks, and gazebos in a more comfortable and fashionable way. It will block the heat and the glare created by the sun without causing fading. The patio shade is made with woven fabric that will allow air to come through it. That way you have the proper ventilation and you can enjoy the breeze without the heat.

The fabric is also made with Microban. This is a biocide, vinyl coating that helps to make it resistant to mold, mildew, and bacteria. Around the shades is a triple lock with rust proof rollers and spring loaded clips. This is than sealed with a weatherproofing bonding that will keep it safe and help it to last against the natural elements.

These usually come motorized, to make it easy for you to lower and raise it as needed. It is built with 110v motors and radio remotes. The remote control allows you to lower and raise the shade from within the comfort of your own home. These come pre-programmed with your patio shade of choice.

These come at a great price and they can be installed onto any patio deck that you have. Just make sure to have it measured the right way so that you do not waste time on getting the wrong size.